Warming to a Winter Wonderland

As an Australian, I’m regularly questioned as to how I manage living in Ireland. “Why on earth would you leave Australia?”, “How do you put up with the rain?” and “Don’t you miss the sunshine?” are all standard queries I’ve become more than well equipped to deal with over time.

Although I’m not exactly a sun worshipper, admittedly the weather does take some getting used to. I’ve learned the hard way the “Irish Mist” is worse than actual rain, especially when it comes to maintaining a sleek hairdo! The crisp, cold weather was a new beast also. Living in Ireland has undoubtedly forced me to up my creative layering game as well as knowing the value of a good parka.


But as the festive season is now upon us, I’ve been asked quite a bit about what Christmas is like Down Under. Christmas time certainly feels very different back home. I’m sure many people here couldn’t imagine a warm, sunny Christmas. In fact, my first three or four years here when the weather would get warm during the Summer, to me it would feel like Christmas!


With the heat being an obvious factor, my family (and I’m sure many others) tend to opt for seafood over a sweat inducing roast. The air-con and the tunes are cranked up as we open presents in our pj’s (our dog Zeppelin always gets his first, naturally). Then we enjoy breakfast and get ready for my grandparents and my Uncle’s arrival. Overall our day is very laid back, eating and drinking and watching a movie or two. It’s all about family time, getting the feet up and scoffing as many tasty treats as we can handle! The dress code at the Watkins residence is usually pretty cool and casual, but normally includes the new pieces we’ve been gifted. You won’t see many layers here though with temperatures often hitting the 40 degree mark!


Whilst I love the effortlessness of a Summer Christmas, I’ve come to enjoy busting out some Winter woollies and cosy coats. As I’ll once again be spending the festive season in Galway, I’ve teamed up with the lovely crew from Topshop Galway to create two Winter looks that will put you on Santa’s Nice List for sure! With one cosy and casual and the other dressy with a little more sass, you’ll be sorted for exploring the markets in Eyre Square as well as heading for cocktails in Tribeton when the sun goes down.




Coat, top, trousers, hat and bag available in Topshop Galway. Boots my own.

It’s hard to go past a luscious faux fur when the temperatures drop and this cream beauty is beyond dreamy. Paired with a ring pull polo neck, tartan trousers and a baker boy cap, these pieces are great on their own as well as together. And as for the shearling backpack, well this is such a perfect bag update for this season! I’m feeling some serious Chloe vibes for a fraction of the price.




Shirt, skirt, boots and bag available in Topshop Galway. Polo neck and socks my own.

Now for some dressier vibes. I still couldn’t resist bringing in the colour red, as it is the colour of the season after all! This faux leather mini looks great dressed up, but would also work wonderfully with a chunky knit, tights and boots for day. I’m a big fan of bold printed shirts and liked the contrast of the cherry print with the white polo neck underneath. Add in those metallic accessories and you’re ready to rock this party season!


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little feature and aren’t cursing me for daring to use the ‘C’ word whilst we’re still in November… It may seem a touch early, but once December rolls around, time is going to fly! I’m not a particularly organised person by nature, so perhaps consider this an effort to improve in that area!


Until next time,



Big thanks to Topshop Galway for yet another super fun collaboration and to Tribeton as well for being so welcoming and allowing us to take some snaps! 

Photos by Kiera Murphy





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