Style Challenge: 1 Week Denim Ban

For anyone who knows me, or follows my style journey here or on my Instagram, it’s clear I have a long time love affair with jeans. As someone who likes to be cool but casual for day and avoids being too dolled up for night, pairing everything and anything with jeans is a winning formula.

So, would it be impossible to put my styling chops to the test and survive an entire week without slipping into my denims AT ALL?!

First off, yes, I know, first world problems and all that. Many of you probably think I’m being over-dramatic and this should be a walk in the park. In fairness, I do own a substantial amount of clothing but when you’re rushing to pull an outfit for work at 6:30am and you know the top you want to wear would be PERFECT with denim, it can be difficult to find something to fill their place!

Jeans are a huge part of my style and I feel my most comfortable and true to myself when I’m wearing them. Not to mention, in my job as a Visual Merchandiser they are the ideal uniform. We do a a great deal of lifting, pulling, dragging and running up and down stairs which are tasks not conducive to little skirts or dresses!

So how did I do? Take a look at my weeks style diary to see what I swapped my beloved jeans out for:


A standard day at work would normally call for denim, but I haven’t let myself down on day one and opted for this Topshop rainbow midi skirt. Ideally I would have worn it without tights, but it was just too flipping freezing despite the sunshine and blue skies!




I had a very early start this morning as I was heading to Offaly to perform with a few of the lovely cast from Mise Eire for the day. Comfort was key here what with the early morning, car journey and day spent dancing. A slogan tee was a natural choice and these culottes were very comfortable and a fine choice for the day that was in it, if I do say so myself!




I was working on the fashion floor today, so I needed a slightly smarter look. In theory this made it a little bit easier to choose an ensemble sans jeans, however I’m sly enough to wear dressy black flared jeans and culottes for a lot of my floor days. Anyway, these were benched in favour of some Zara flares and an H&M belted check blazer c/o my mum (thanks mum!).




I had the day off today and zero plans so let’s just say this look was not really worth documenting… still, I didn’t wear jeans! You’ll have to take my word this was more of a track pants and sweatshirt kinda day!


Another day, another dollar, another denim-less outfit. I was very excited my H&M delivery arrived the day before and couldn’t wait to don my new check blazer. I’ve clashed the check with pinstripe trousers and thrown a little pop of red in there for good measure. Excuse the mirror selfies, I was working on my lonesome in display today so didn’t have my photo buddies with me!




I was lucky enough to head along to an event in Ivory Lane boutique in Oranmore today. My boyfriend’s mum was kind enough to accompany me and we had a lovely afternoon of shopping, sipping prosecco and enjoying the in store fashion show. Leather look dungarees, a rainbow long sleeve tee and more red booties were the outfit du jour here.




The final day of my jeans ban. HALLELUJAH! I’ve somehow survived the week and tomorrow I can slip back into those blue, straight leg bad boys. Today I’m wearing a few of my current wardrobe staples including my fail safe Monki aviator jacket, Daisy Street leopard print trousers and red Topshop booties.



So there you have it, my first style challenge was surprisingly a success. As much as I was excited to wear my jeans again, having a week where I had no choice but to step outside my comfort zone definitely opened up my options. I started utilising pieces in my wardrobe that I love, but may have overlooked in favour of my jeans. Breaking with habit and routine was refreshing, and I’m delighted to have done it.

Are there any items in your wardrobe you can’t get by without? Or are there any other style challenges you would like me to attempt? I’m considering making this a monthly task, so would love to hear your thoughts!


Until next time…

Sinead x

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