The Girl Before The Bob

The number one thing I’m asked about on a day to day basis is without a doubt, my HAIR. Given this blog is called the ‘Girl With The Bob’, it’s probably not a huge surprise my hair is a rather large part of who I am and what makes me feel like me.

Whilst most of the ‘bob queries’ I get are generally in reference to maintenance, products used and of course, who cuts my hair (Barry in Momento, fyi), lately some of my friends have been intrigued by who I was and what I looked like before the bob. It seems like a lifetime ago since I shortened my locks, but rest assured, I went through my fair share of styles and lengths before arriving at my now signature ‘do.

So myself and my wonderful mum have trawled through photo albums and social media archives to find some delightful ghosts of hairstyles past to share with you. Take a gander below and try not to laugh too hard!

The Younger Years


Hello chubba bubba!


The classic ‘fountain’ hair do


Long locks and a half up, half down ‘do

School Days


First day of school!


That long, long hair


Curly Sue at my primary school graduation


A classic high pony for a touch footy match


Au natural hair after a dancing concert


God this is cringe. Back to darker locks and my first full fringe


See ya full fringe, hello side fringe and loose curls


My high school formal

The Irish Dancing Era: Competitions to Tour


One of my favourite dresses featuring Chinese calligraphy by my great-grandfather


Full wig, long socks, big old dress. Fabulous!


Losing the full wig in favour of the bun. And that is actually a fake fringe too!


Wig twinning with the little sister


Bye-bye wig, letting the bob fly free!


Continuing against the grain & staying wig free


Backstage somewhere in the Netherlands in a long straight wig


On tour in France

The Evolution of the Bob


My very first bob haircut


Strangely ahead of the trend with these little sunnies


See ya side fringe, welcome back full fringe!


Starting to get a handle on the sleek factor


Experimenting with styling the bob up differently


One of my post dancing wig hairstyles


During my bow obsessed phase


Another day, another bow


That time I dressed up as Miley and somehow got my bob into fun buns


That time I donned a faux pony for a night out 


And now here we are, at the style I’ve maintained for roughly the past eight years. For me, this hair has become more than a style, it’s a part of my identity and what makes me feel confident. Whilst it’s a bonus my hair is very easy to manage and maintain, it goes far deeper than that. It’s my safety blanket, as I feel rather exposed without my bob, like I could just blend into the crowd and be overlooked or forgotten. Call it vanity or being defined by my looks, but my bob is how I’ve learned to love being different. It was quite tough growing up in Australia and not fitting the tanned, blonde haired, blue eyed, beach chic mould. And using what makes me unlike others as a strength, not a weakness has been one of the greatest lessons I have learned!

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into my hair history and had a little giggle at how my look has changed and (hopefully) evolved!


Until next time,



 Gallery photos by Niamh Costello 

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