Miracles on St Augustine Street

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by already. And while I’m acutely aware everyone and their mum has been saying this incessantly, it doesn’t make it any less true. Nevertheless, here we are in January again hopefully ready to grab 2018 by the horns!

I’ve been enjoying reading New Years Resolutions on other blogs, but to be honest, I’m not big on making them myself. Perhaps this stems from a previously poor track record over the years, but I guess I just don’t fancy chasing goals out of an obligation or fear of breaking a sacred ‘resolution’. Instead, I know in my head what I would like to achieve and work towards over the next year and set about finding ways to make this happen a little more organically.


Truth be told, I’m rather happy about several changes (or ‘life tweaks’, if you will) I made in 2017 and the resulting impact they’ve had on my day to day life. If you know me, or have read any of my previous posts, it’s not a shock to hear I’m a bit of a shopaholic. But last year I finally found a way to curb my habit and establish a far healthier relationship with my money and how I spent it.

After a long hard look at a damning excel spreadsheet of my finances, I finally saw through the fog. Come 2018, I’ve seriously reduced my spending meaning I was able to pay for a trip home to Australia as well as saving a deposit and now my other half and I are on the cusp of purchasing our first home! Result!


The blog and my Instagram are also strong highlights from the year gone by. I started The Girl With The Bob a couple of years ago, but it was something I tended to drop in and out of. Consistency was a struggle, largely due to being self conscious in front of the camera and taking photos in public. I wanted to share my outfits and styling, but was often held back from doing so for fear of being judged and not being able to deliver the goods on a shoot.

Whilst I am still working on my confidence, it’s safe to say it has come on in leaps and bounds. Much of this is largely due to shooting with my friend Kiera, who understood how exposed I felt and always made me feel at ease whilst simultaneously coaxing me out of my comfort zone. The trick for me is to focus on just having fun with my mate and not taking myself too seriously. Figure I might as well beat others to the punch and be able to have a giggle at myself first!


A knock on effect from finding my dream photographer and a little self-confidence is having the courage to say YES to doing collaborations with some very cool designers and brands. I was so excited and shocked to have people actually want to work with me and showcase their pieces on the blog over the past year. It’s totally opened up the variety of content I can create and it’s a blast coming up with fun ideas on how to shoot and represent the products and brands.

One little ‘resolution’ I will allow myself to indulge in is to try and collaborate with more amazing Galway people and businesses this year. This little town has so much to offer in the way of fashion, beauty as well as other bloggers and creatives, it would be a shame not to make the most of it while I am living here!


So this brings me to the super fun, colourful images you see accompanying this post today. My friend (and boss!), Niamh and I became acquainted with the wonderful Daga through the gem that is Instagram. She owns a fresh new boutique smack bang in the centre of Galway city called 1984 Miracles. Bringing the super cool Polish street and active wear label, Femi Stories, to Ireland for the first time, the shop is a colour and print lovers DREAM to walk into. As you head into the store, you’re greeted by rails of the dreamiest hoodies, sweats, jackets and tees in various prints, shades and fabrications. You’d expect it to be an assault on the senses, but the beautiful layout showcases the collection and colour palette perfectly.


We’ve styled up three different looks using pieces from the shop incorporated with our own wardrobes. Niamh and I aren’t afraid of bold colours and prints, but even we were so delighted with how effortlessly we were able to work in the Femi Stories garments with our own items. They make a statement sure, but the laid back style means they make amazing everyday wardrobe staples too.




Sweatshirt and jacket by Femi Stories at 1984 Miracles

I’m a big fan of star print so styling up this hoodie and jogger combo was a no brainer. The quality of the fabric is amazing, so soft and unbelievably warm! The beauty is that even though they are comfortable like leisurewear, they’re really easy to rock with more tailored pieces to dress them up.



Hoodie, sweatshirt and joggers (similar here) by Femi Stories at 1984 Miracles

I hardly ever wear dresses any more these days, but this little red number may be enough to persuade me otherwise. Paired with fishnets, boots and a baker boy, I definitely enjoyed going beyond my comfort zone! The green jacket looked so cool on Niamh, layered up with a mint hoodie and there are various different colours and prints available in similar styles too!




Dress (similar here), hoodie (similar here) and jacket from Femi Stories at 1984 Miracles

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some 2017 lessons learned as well as seeing our colourful collaboration with 1984 Miracles. Which are your favourite pieces? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to pop in to the store and have a nosy next time you’re in town. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Until next time,


Photos by Kiera Murphy

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