Floral Flare Don’t Care

And so my love affair with flares continues. Not content with only wearing flared jeans, fun printed trousers are now in the rotation. I can be a little fickle when it comes to trouser shapes and styles, changing from skinny to tapered to wide leg on a pretty regular basis. But the flare has a hold on me and I can’t seem to stop coming back to it!

I had this pair of Topshop trousers earmarked for my Ladies Day outfit at the Galway Races. But in the end, I opted for a plain white pair of flared trousers to create a more classic, colour blocked look. And it worked in my favour, as these floral flares ended up being reduced in the end of season sale! Definitely meant to be. They’re such a nice fabric too. Comfortable, yet with enough structure to hold their shape (and hold you in too!).


Now I know that patterned flares won’t be for everyone. You could always start with a neutral block colour like black or navy and work towards bolder colours first to adjust to the style. After wearing skinnies for so long, wearing flares can take some getting used to!

If you’re happy to dive straight into the prints, I’d personally avoid anything lacking at least a little structure and tailoring. I’m not super keen on bohemian, aztec prints either, I think abstract florals, geometric prints and striped patterns look sharper and more polished. Pair them with a long-line classic blouse or tunic for a laidback, yet pulled together look.


Shop my top picks below:

Topshop approx €27 


Topshop approx €57


Keepsake approx €122


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