Eye of the Tiger

Since I started this blog around two years ago, I have to admit it’s been somewhat of an on/off relationship. Maintaining consistency and focus is something I’ve battled with and am hopefully starting to tackle head on.

When you’re working full time, dancing in a show, trying to exercise as well as just having a life; keeping an up-to-date (and visually exciting!) blog is not the easiest task. But this blog is something I very much enjoy doing and I would hate to let my little passion project fall to the wayside!

Ultimately, inspiration is key. It’s up to me to keep feeling inspired and excited to style up new outfits and share stories on here. So I’m going to share my current top five ways for keeping inspired and getting my creative juices flowing!

1. Instagram 

Ah yes, of course. I know there’s plenty of Instagram addicts who will agree this is one of the most accessible ways to get some serious fashion inspo. I’m always reading and raring to work on new pieces for Girl With The Bob after a good old Instagram stalk. My long-time favourit account would have to be @meganellaby. One scroll through her feed has me pumped up… even if it does just give me the little nudge I need to make an exciting new purchase, like the blouse I’m wearing here for example! Check out my other top Insta personalities in an earlier post I did here.


2. Photo Buddies

Of late I’ve been particularly driven to create fun content and keep up a regular posting schedule. This has largely been because I’ve had the chance to shoot some cool snaps with my buddy, Kiera. Having someone to collaborate with who’s creatively on the same page as you is a huge motivational force. I’m generally very self-conscious going out into the street to take photos, to the point where I dread heading out at all. But when you’re with a friend who has your back, it’s so easy to have a laugh and create something really cool.


                 3. Youtube

When I’m getting ready and doing my make up and hair, or even getting ready for bed in the evening, I love to play videos from my favourite Youtube channels while I do my bits and pieces. Whether it’s a weekly vlog, a makeup tutorial or an insight into the workings of the fashion industry, it’s a nice way to soak up some new information or get a glimpse into the lives of my favourite influencers. Once again Megan Ellaby tops my list of channels, along with Lizzy Hadfield, Desi Perkins, Lustrelux and the British Vogue channel (their Inside the Wardrobe series are to die for!)


4. Magazines

I know, I know, print is a dying medium, blah blah blah. I’ve been waxing lyrical about the powers of Instagram and Youtube but since I was a girl, one of my favourite things to do was head to the newsagent and pick up the latest issues of my favourite magazines. It’s refreshing to put down your phone for a while and physically flick through the glossy pages of Vogue and the like. I even find looking at the designer advertisements brings serious inspiration! Plus, I’m a bit of a magazine hoarder and love keeping older issues to refer back to time and time again.


5. Work

I’ve talked a bit about my job before in my last post, but if you missed it, I work in Brown Thomas in Visual Merchandising and I also do two days a week on the second floor in Young Contemporary. Being surrounded by premium, luxury designer pieces five days a week is incredibly tempting yes, but also boosts my creativity. Having the opportunity to work with and style up these pieces for my job allows me to experiment with ideas and tricks that I can later apply to my own wardrobe. And of course it doesn’t hurt to invest occasionally… you know, for blog content and all that. But I am very lucky to work somewhere that feeds my inspiration and cultivates my creativity. Plus, I work with some of the most stylish men and women in Galway, so that’s inspiring in itself!


Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into what keeps me ticking and creating new looks to share with you here. I’d love to hear what inspires you too! Especially if you have any Instagram or Youtube accounts you think I need to know about…


Until next time,

Sinead x


Photos by Kiera Murphy (@kicoco_murphy)

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