Lookbook: Winter Chill


As an Aussie living abroad long term, there’s nothing more exciting than having family and friends come to visit. The past few months I was fortunate enough to have my little sister come and stay with my boyfriend, Fergal and I. It’s been years since I’ve lived at home and was beyond excited to catch up on some long overdue sister bonding!

We had an amazing time together, but the unpredictability of the delightful Irish weather limited the amount of creative content that we could put together. However, between random showers on a mostly sunny Saturday, we put together a new lookbook featuring some of our most dependable pieces for this time of year. We found some really cool street art (down by Sally Long’s if you’re familiar with Galway City) and embraced the opportunity to actually wear sunglasses in Ireland!




You can check out my sister’s Youtube channel here (and you should, she’s wonderful!). Don’t forget to subscribe!


Hope you enjoy the video, stay tuned for more posts coming soon…









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