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If you’re a Galway native or an adopted local like myself, you’ll know that despite it’s small size, this town is the place-to-be for a cracking night out. Any night of the week, rain, hail or shine; you are assured to find yourself a good time!

But when it comes to dressing for a night out on the town here, I often find myself struggling to decide on an ensemble that reflects my personal style, but also suits the places I’m likely to be going. The way pub-goers versus club-goers dress varies hugely, not to mention the Galway Girl ‘glam factor’… So here I’m sharing my journey to finding the right night time outfit formula for me and finding the confidence to do it my way.


So first things first. Irish girls really know how to do glam. Come Saturday night, they expertly apply their makeup and tan, style up the hair, don their hottest party dresses and totter off down Shop Street in their highest heels. Now I’m all for getting dressed up. I love the ritual of getting ready, especially with friends over pre-drinks, but when I first moved here five and a half years ago, I found myself out of my comfort zone and out of my depth when it came to the #OOTN. I’ve attempted the whole bodycon dress, super high heels thing and to be honest, almost every time I’ve done it, I have gotten waaayyyy too drunk for my own good. Number one reason? I didn’t feel like myself and was super self-conscious. Hence the excessive drinking for a bit of the old dutch courage!


Now on the flip side, at times in the past when I’ve opted to do my own kinda weird thing, I’ve felt that same self consciousness rear it’s ugly head again too. It can be a tricky thing to feel full of confidence standing in a bar full of gorgeous girls dolled up to the nines when you’re dressed like the love child of Ziggy Stardust and a kids television presenter! I take great pride in my sense of style and I do love when other people appreciate it too! I’ve chatted a bit about this before in my Style Evolution post but I guess a lot of it comes down to age and over time learning to love and really own what makes us different.


I’d love to say I’ve completely cracked the formula for foolproof party outfits, but alas, that’s not 100% true. What I have learned though is that sticking to your guns and doing your own thing is the only way to be. There’s been many a night getting ready and I’ve said to my boyfriend “God I wish I could just wear jeans and a t-shirt out tonight”. And to which his response was, “DO IT”. Now I know that answer partly stems from him just needing me to hurry the bloody hell up and get out the door, but, he’s dead right. If that’s what makes me feel good, then I should just do it. I’ve got my own little ways of sassing things up for the occasion at hand, so why not go for it?


So here’s how I’ve arrived at this flashy little ensemble above. I’ve stuck to my tried and tested jeans and a tee combo but with a little extra pizzazz. I found this shirt on ASOS and knew immediately I had to have it. Half and half graphic print on the front and one big pink ruffle sleeve? Yes please! Most would say it’s too much (and maybe they’re right!) but for me it’s just the right amount of crazy and cool. Paired with my trusty straight leg jeans from Public Romance and finished off with Barbie pink mules and sparkly socks, I feel ready and raring to go! I know it is totally not everyone’s cup of tea, but it works for me. I’ll leave the bodycon dresses to the girls who are well able to rock them! You do you, as they say.


I’d love to know if any of you have experienced the same night time outfit dilemmas as I have. Share your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks again to the fabulous Kiera Murphy for the super fun photos and to Biteclub for opening your doors to us and providing us with super cute pink props!



Until next time,

Sinead x



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