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I’ve been an Irish dancer for over 20 years now and as a result, have always lived a pretty active lifestyle. Whilst I don’t dance competitively anymore and only do the odd bit of performance work, I still enjoy working out and doing my best to keep fit. I became a fan of running last year and find circuit training and pilates really effective and enjoyable to do. Plus, I really like chocolate so I need to keep a bit of balance in my life!

Now I’m no fitness guru so I won’t be using this as forum to preach about how to keep in shape. I’ll leave that to the experts and stick to what I know. As this is predominantly a fashion blog, this fitness section is going to focus on exercise wear outfit posts and what I wear in order to motivate myself to get off the couch and get moving!

Lorna Jane is an Aussie activewear label that I have long been a fan of. I lived in Lorna Jane gear when I was dancing and I managed to bring enough pieces to keep me going in Ireland! My dancing school back home (my Mum’s school, the Watkins Academy) should have shares in the brand at this point with the amount of gear they own!

The styles are bold and fashionable yet still totally functional. Whilst the price point sits a little higher, the quality is undeniable. I have tights, shorts and tops from Lorna Jane that I’ve had since I was a teenager and they’re still in perfect condition today! I find their tights amazing here in Ireland with the climate being cooler, you need something to keep your legs warm, especially if you’re out running!

Here’s some of my top Lorna Jane picks at the moment:

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workout fashion lorna jane










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workout fashion inspiration


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